Ardent Production

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental amalgam filling materials we have heavily invested in our production department, which is one of the core areas in our company.

At our factory we produce some of the highest quality dental materials using advanced technology and the latest in machinery development.

Our products and operations are characterised by high and continuously improved quality in order to meet our customers expectations.

The production of our amalgam alloys are a result of a unique concept and process, involving the latest development in water atomization. Our staff in this department, who have over 30 years experience, are qualified experts in their field. Our dental alloy are developed with latest available technology in terms of raw materials, chemical compositions, physical properties and batch to batch stability. The entire processes are continuously monitored, involving physical and handling tests which are carried out at our laboratories. Control and quality assurance procedures are systematic and precise which allows us to refine the process and continue to evolve.

Effective planning and logistics are of the utmost importance to our packing & shipping department and therefore plays a vital role in the whole process.

Research & Development
The main aim of this department is to research new products that have potential strategic benefit to the company in maintaining its position as one of the leading dental filling material manufacturers. Existing products are also continuously examined in a search for improvements or adjustments, that may give us a more competitive edge in an ever changing market. It is our aim to commercialize the research discoveries that are made which in turn will benefit our customers and patients.

At Ardent we are aware of the importance of sharing knowledge and therefore our in-house research also involves liasing with our sales department, in order to materialize our customers requirements. We also collaborate with universities and faculties worldwide in an effort to maximize our research base and hopefully our success rate in enhancing both the quality of dental care and Ardent’s product line.

At Ardent, Research & Development is our key to the future.